Weight Loss Pills, Do They Really Work?

Weight loss Pills

It is no big secret that many people in the U.S. are overweight. The prevalence of fast food,  too many entertainment options that involve sitting on one’s rear end , and busy schedules. These factors have conspired to turn many modern nations into the land of the free and home of the fat. The rapid weight gain by many in society has caused many people to look for a quick solution, which may also be a cause of the weight problems faced by so many. Invariably, “quick solution” means something that can be taken by mouth, followed by a drink of water. Weather due to compressed schedules or a product of our instant gratification societies, the pill and powder solution is becoming how people choose to lose weight .

There are two main classifications of weight loss pills; fat burners, more accurately called thermogenics, and appetite suppressants. Some weight loss pills fulfill both roles , causing a decrease in appetite, while also helping users to burn fat.

Thermogenic weight loss pills
Thermogenics are substances that cause the body to literally burn fat. As the name suggests, they increase the body’s metabolic rate and generate heat. This rise in basal (resting) metabolic rate and attendant heat is means that more calories are being burned. This is good news indeed, because it means that more calories are being burned off 24 hours a day, weather you’re watching TV, sleeping, or working out.

The best thermogenic fat burner is a combination of many ingredients. In the past there was a family of thermogenics that was extremely effective and enjoyed wide-spread popularity. Unfortunately, these contained ephedra . Ephedra was very effective, but was ultimately proven to be unsafe , and because of this it was permanently removed fmo the marketplace in 2006, after an initial ban was overturned in 2005.

The FDA decision caused  weigh loss supplement makers to burn the midnight oil trying  to fill ephedra’s shoes. Most have used a combination of different ingredients. The most common weight loss ingredients used in the fat burning supplements you’ll find on store shelves include caffeine, bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) , green tea extract, yohimbe, and CLA -(Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

Since they increase metabolism and energy , some of these ingredients are also found in weight lifting supplements also, although such weight loss pills will contain other ingredients specially designed to increase muscle mass or help recovery from hard training sessions .

The ingredients listeed above are typically used with one or more proprietary compounds to form what in some cases are highly effective products. One must always be aware of outrageous claims however, as weight loss pills marketers are well known for the propensity to embellish and exaggerate, if not outright lie.

Because some of these products are marketed with more than embellishment than a politician in an election year, that does not mean that there aren’t any good supplements. On the contrary. Some are quite effective however, which causes many millions of dollars worth of these to be sold every year.

Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Pills

Although many of the fat burning supplements will also help you feel less hungry, there are weight loss pills that are dedicated to just keeping your appetite away . Some of these are not really weight loss supplements at all, but powerful prescription drugs, such as Symphathomimetics. They act on the body’s sympathetic central nervous system to take away appetite.

Other substances are available over the counter, and are found in manyweight loss  supplements, such as  Hoodia Gardonii. Hoodia has become very popular in recent years, and can be found in dozens of different appetite suppressant supplements. It has been clinically tested to be effective at promoting weight loss, which accounts for it’s rapid rise in popularity.

Recently, several weight loss pills have skyrocketed to popularity, in part thanks to powerful celebrity endorsements. Hoodia and acai berry spring to mind. This has led to a situation where some unscrupulous individuals capitalize on the popularity by selling fake or inferior products. Unfortunately, many people won’t be able to tell the difference until after they have spend hundreds of dollars on the weak or counterfeit products . The fact that the supplement industry is largely unregulated only adds to the problem.

There are actually 3 basic kinds of appetite suppressant supplements. Some weight loss pills are merely herbal stimulants and while they may take away the cravings for food, they may also leave you feeling jittery and downright grungy, others work on you physiologically, and trick your body into thinking that you don’t need to eat, because you aren’t hungry. There still are others that work by purely physical means. They actually swell up when they come into contact with stomach fluids, causing you to feel full.

Weather you want to lose weight by sweating away in a gym and just need a little extra help to maximize your efforts, or you want to be able to lose weight by parking your can on the couch, there is doubtlessly some form of pill, tablet, or powder that will help you do just that. Many people use these things as a one time quick solution to get ready for something special, like marriage or graduation. Other people go on to become almost addicted to them. Remember the main concern is that the products you are taking are safe and effective. If they are, you’ enjoy watching your extra weight dissappear!

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